Raising kids to have BIG dreams through outdoor adventure

Blue Heron Nature Reserve- Chilliwack, British Columbia

Trail: Blue Heron Reserve Distance: 0 +Km Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour 30 min Directions: Click here for Google Map Adults: 2 Ages of children: 2, 4 Stroller friendly: Yes Dog friendly: No Bathrooms: Yes Jellybean rating: 1/5 If your looking for a free educational experience and a place to […]

Is it best to go out wtih your kids or stay home?

Whats Best: Staying Home or Taking your Kids Out?

There seems to be a new uprising around the prevention of being “too busy,” as a parent and for your kids. There is this notion that “home days” are “good days,” so whats best: Staying home or taking your kids out?  Obviously, it all depends on the day, life situation and amount of coffee you’ve […]

If you're looking for a parenting challenge that leads to a big reward of beautiful scenery Hoover Lake in Mission, British Columbia should be your next little adventure!

Jellybean Rating: Hoover Lake, MIssion, British Columbia

Trail: Hoover Lake Distance: 1.4 km + 6 km walk up service road Location: Mission, British Columbia Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour Directions: Click here for Google map  (This link is to the Mission dump. The trailhead is directly across the street from just before the dump entrance. You’ll see a yellow gate and you can park in […]