Can you use an Ergobaby carrier for hiking?

We love our Ergo baby carriers!

We’ve both used one since our babies were itty bitty. Sam has had hers for 7 years and it has been incredibly well loved. The fabric is tearing and is entirely discolored, but it’s still going strong (and please never ask to borrow it because she literally feels like a piece of her is being given away!). You can read about her love for her Ergo here.

We love the versatility, how lightweight it is, and how comfortable it is. We use it for running errands, going for walks, and while doing household duties…but the question is:

Can you use an Ergobaby carrier as a hiking backpack?

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The short answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Let’s start at the beginning. Literally. When your baby is a squishy, cute little bundle they want to be close to you. You want to be outside, adventuring. That’s where an Ergobaby carrier offers a happy compromise. You can take your little bean into the outdoors while keeping them nice and bundled in. You can even nurse in this thing! Having your babe so close to you will also protect them from the elements while you can constantly keep your eye on them!

ergo front carrier

As your littles get bigger you may find it more challenging to have them on your front. Their cute little faces might distract you as you navigate your way along a trail, and you might find that it just plain becomes bulky to have them in front of you. Not to worry! It’s just as easy to put your kiddo on your back in an Ergobaby carrier as it is to put them on your front!

Having them in the back gives you a little more freedom, as well as allows your child to see things from a different perspective.

Most of how you carry your child in the Ergobaby carrier will depend on their size, theirs and your comfortability, and just plain preference. We both love to hike with our littles in the carrier, but as you can see Sheena prefers to keep her cutie patootie on the front while Sam prefers to keep her cutie patootie in the back!

ergo carrier front and back

While the Ergobaby carrier is great for taking your kiddos on a little adventure it doesn’t offer much in the way of storage for things like water and snacks. You most certainly don’t want to forget those (for safety and sanity purposes, really!)

We like to throw a backpack on our front when we have littles on our back. Upon asking the wonderful folks on our Facebook page we were offered some other suggestions on how to pack more stuff when you’re back is being occupied by a kiddo:

-lengthen the straps of your backpack and put it over top of your Ergo on your back. -Kimberley

-Wear a hip pack. -Samantha

-Get a pack for the dog! -Sarah

These are all great suggestions for carrying all the extras when you’re wearing your Ergobaby carrier!

Why we love Ergobaby carriers

-They’re compact, lightweight, and easy to move around

-You can use them at home or outdoors

-Your little ones are nice and close to you

-You can customize your Ergobaby carrier with patches and iron on transfers

-It’s comfortable for both parent and child!

Can you use an Ergobaby carrier for hiking?

So, are you convinced that an Ergo baby carrier is right for you?! Do you already own and love an Ergo baby carrier?! Send us your photos to and be featured on our Instagram page!


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