5 things parents with nature loving kids understand

When you have a child who loves soccer you’re understanding of the constant ball finessing skills being perfected around the house.

When you have a child who loves the violin you’re understanding of the “Three Blind Mice” being played on repeat.

When you have a child who loves the outdoors you’re understanding of some pretty unique things that nature loving kids do!

5 things parents with nature loving kids understand

5 things that parents of nature loving kids will totally understand

“Presents” in the laundry room

The slug that fell out of the pocket of your toddler’s jeans. The rocks filling the washing machine. The flower petals in the lint trap. While those things may prove to be a little bit of a pain (the slug thing in particular) let these be reminders that your nature loving child wants to bring the outdoors in!

Speaking of the laundry room…

You’re getting used to putting your kids in outfits that have grass stains and holes in the knees. You can try and get those dreaded stains out (a little lemon juice mixed with water and left out in the sun outta help) but sometimes you’re just out of luck.

Paying full price for an article of clothing that will likely be destroyed within 5 minutes of wearing it doesn’t sound appealing to your budget or mental health-try a thrift or consignment store for your kid clothing needs!

Bathing is not an option

Giving your kids a bath every night isn’t always necessary-unless they’re filthy-which they are most of the time with your nature loving kiddo! Your kids have spent their day rolling in the grass and playing in the dirt and need some sudsy scrubbing every day! That brown ring around the bathtub that you can’t keep up with cleaning? Just tell guests that it’s part of the ceramic. They’ll never know the difference:)

Your budget now includes outdoor gear

Sure, you remember when you once spent hours checking out the hottest designers and latest technology trends but now you spend your time thoroughly investigating the best raingear, boots, backpacks, and all other sorts of gear for your kids to get outside with! Don’t forget to get yourself a little something while you’re filling your shopping cart!!

You’re outside ALL. THE. TIME.

Your kids don’t care that the dishes need to be done or that Mt. Neverendingpileoflaundry isn’t going to fold itself. You learn to tidy up any chance you get when the indoors are a must *see “bathing is not an option” above* and realize that there’s not actually that much to tidy up because the kids are busy playing outside instead of destroying the house!


Most importantly, parents of nature loving kids understand how awesomely amazing it is to have nature loving kids. The outdoors is so good for them and for you! Whatcha waiting for? Quickly choose your next little adventure and GOOOOOOOOOOO!!




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