Cascade Falls- Mission, British Columbia

Trail: Cascade Falls

Location: Mission, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour 30 mins

Directions (with a link to a Google map): Click here for Google Map 

Time it took us to hike: 30 mins

Ages of children hiking: 1, 4

Washrooms: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes- on leash

Stroller friendly: No

Jellybean rating: 2/5

There are two things that get my kids motivated when we’re hiking: bridges and waterfalls.

Having both of these wonders in one hike is like a dream come true for both of us!

Jellybean Rating: Cascade Falls, Mission, British Columbia! #kidsoutdoors #hiking #naturekids #localspots

Located off Lougheed Hwy just East of Mission, B.C. stands Cascade Falls. If you’re traveling a distance you can pair it up with a lovely trip to Heritage Park in Mission before or after your trek to this beautiful waterfall!

When you go into the parking lot you’ll see a yellow gate. That’s where you start heading to the waterfall trail. We, however, decided it was best to EAT SNACKS before attempting to go anywhere. We headed away from the yellow gate onto the lower trail. This leads to a couple of picnic tables and a beautiful beach. We set up shop there and made sure our bodies were nice and energized for our big little adventure!

cascade falls beach

cascade falls picnic

Once the kids were sufficiently fed we packed up our stuff and headed up to the falls. This tends to be a high theft area (as many places do) so make sure you lock up your car after you drop off your picnic basket!

That yellow gate I mentioned earlier? Go towards there. Go up the wide trail until you see a sign leading you to the right.

cascade falls mission bc

You’ll follow the trail for a short while before you get to some stairs. There’s quite a few of them, so definitely don’t bring the stroller on this one.

stairs at cascade falls


There are lots of steep drop-offs in this area, but fortunately, they’ve been all fenced off. There are even signs to let you know NOT to go beyond the fence-but unless you’re an adrenaline junkie you’re not getting anywhere near that edge, anyway!

mission waterfall

Once you’ve reached the top of the stairs and you’ve taken a nice deep, long breath turn to the right. It’s hard to miss the SERIOUSLY AMAZING bridge that leads to a viewing platform of Cascade Falls!

suspension bridge mission british columbia

Now, the bridge is grated so if you’re afraid of heights it may be a good idea to not look down. On the plus side, the bridge is entirely stationary. You won’t feel any movement as you walk whatsoever-if that’s any consolation!?

If you are a little wary of the height situation keep in mind what you’ll see on the other side. I mean, check out Cascade Falls:

cascade waterfall mission bc

Head back to the other side of the bridge. From there you can either make your way back down or take a right and walk up the road. This will lead you to some awesome spots at the top of Cascade Falls. We didn’t make it there due to time constraints, but we were there last year and it was fantastic! As with every little adventure, it’s important you use caution in this area, though. If you’re looking for somewhere to go wading the lower creek (where we had our picnic) was calmer. Be prepared for cold water!

Like I say, we had to cut our trip short this time and headed back to the van. Our time stipulations, however, didn’t stop us from having a quick stop with Grammy’s hammock! You can get these hammocks at outdoor sports stores like Mt. Waddingtons! As you can see, they’re worth every penny!

mt waddingtons hammock

Jellybean Rating Summary for Cascade Falls, Mission, B.C.

Cascade Falls is a short little trail that offers a spectacular view. You’re really getting the best bang for your buck considering how short the trail is. It is a fair distance off the main road, so definitely plan to stay for a while and explore the water if you’re planning a trip to Cascade Falls. The entire trail took us about half an hour (getting to Cascade Falls and back to our car), not including the time that we stopped to “hang out” (get it? the hammock? I crack myself up!) or when we had some food. The kids had a blast and I got to see some beautiful views. It was a win-win!

If your next little adventure is to Cascade Falls don’t forget to share your photos! Email them to us at or tag us on Instagram @littleadventurescompany or #littleadventuresbigdreams.

Have fun!




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