Big dreams on Elk Mountain, Chilliwack, British Columbia

If Elk Mountain isn’t on your bucket list yet-it needs to be!

This 8.2 km trail rated “hard” on AllTrails¬†brings you through varying terrain leading you the 1,432 m ascent to the top of Elk Mountain that towers over the Fraser Valley.

Start by heading up to the trail head with these directions. **Note!! There’s a toadlet migration in July. You are still able to access the trail head, but there will be signs leading you around an optional detour. It’s wise to take this detour. The road up is windy and if you do encounter thousands of toadlets crossing the road you’ll either be waiting for a long time or trying to navigate your way back down to the detour signs.

Before you find somewhere to pee in the parking lot, guess what? There’s actually an outhouse a short distance up the trail!

Elk mountain trailhead

The first part of the trail begins off fairly easy. The intensity of this trail is gradual, which is really nice.

Elk mountain trail

The terrain stays the same for a while and consistently gives some plateaued breaks. You’ll keep going until you reach the logging road. You cross here and continue on the trail almost directly ahead from where you come out on the logging road.

Elk Mountain Chilliwack British Columbia

This is where the trail starts to pick up a bit. It gets a little more narrow and is pretty steadily inclined.

Elk mountain terrain

There is one point that seems like the trail continues forward, but you need to take a left. PAY ATTENTION TO TRAIL MARKERS. They indicate which way to go.

Trail markers at Elk Mountain

Finally, as the trail narrows you’ll come out at a viewpoint. Now, my friend and I went on a really cloudy, drizzly day so there was no view to be seen, but I know it’s there!

First viewpoint on Elk Mountain

Keep going on the trail. The wildflowers are INCREDIBLE here. I tried to take some photos, but truly they did the flowers on Elk Mountain no justice.

wildflowers at Elk Mountain

There’s a part where it gets quite steep as you climb up a rock. Be mindful of your footing. It continues on steep until you reach the top!

The flag tells you you’re there!

The top of Elk Mountain
This is where the view should have been!

I asked some lovely folks in the Fraser Valley hiking community if they could share some photos from their adventure to the top of Elk Mountain on a clear day. This is what the view should look like:

Elk mountain view
Photo courtesy of Vanessa Corke
Elk mountain view
Photo courtesy of Debbie Springman

When you’re done taking in the breathtaking views go back down the same way you came! When you’re at the bottom congratulate yourself!

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Have fun!



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