What you need to know about camping at Kilby Campground

Campground: Kilby Campground

Fee: $30 cash/night

Caretakers on site: Yes

Amenities: Outhouses, Drinking water tap

Firewood: Yes


Imagine a place where there’s a sandy beach, beautiful river, train off in the distance, and you’re surrounded by mountains.

That’s Kilby Campground!

Kilby Campground is just past the Kilby Historic Site. This is a spot you can grab a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy before a reasonably sleepless night:)

Once you head into the campground you need to choose a site. There’s signs on each post for the site explaining if it’s reserved or not. Any site that isn’t reserved is yours for the taking. Once you’ve chosen a site you’ll need to go to the front of the site where you came in and look for the information board. That’s where you’ll find the forms to fill out to register and pay for your camp site.

There’s also a box beside the information board that you can leave your information and payment. The caretakers onsite will collect this information and make sure you have everything you need.

This is what you need to know about camping at Kilby Campground in British Columbia

The campsites are large enough for a tent, a vehicle (you’re only allowed one in the campground, but there’s a visitor lot just beside the campground.You can ask about keeping the second vehicle at your campsite for an additional charge), the picnic table that’s provided, and some room to run around.

Kilby campground campsite

One of the best things about this campground is that the gates get closed in the evening and morning. The caretakers will let you in and out, but having the gates closed makes it a little more safe for the kids who are running around or riding bikes. It’s also a small campground, so there isn’t high vehicle traffic to begin with!

When you’re all set up you can head on over the the beautiful beach. There’s sand and the freezing cold water of the Harrison River; everything a kid could ask for!

Kilby beach campground on the Harrison river

When we were there we had grand plans to go explore the area, but truth be told we decided to just hang out on the beach all day long. The kids had a blast running around, digging holes, and going for swims. They found a whole bunch of other kids to play with and there was no way I was dragging them away from that!

sandy beaches at Kilby campground

kids playing at Kilby campground

Kilby campground on Harrison river

There are a few things to note about the Kilby Campground that you should be aware of:

-The mosquitoes can get REALLY bad. They’re not the kind of mosquitoes that care that you’re wearing heavy duty bug repellent and want to leave you alone; they’re the kind of mosquitoes that see that repellent as a challenge. Be prepared for the possibility of bites:S We went in early July so this may not apply if you go later or earlier in the year.

-When we were there we experienced high winds both nights. It was strong enough to push our tent into a tree. Apparently this is quite typical for this area, so make sure to stake your tent down. The ground is very hard and difficult to push through so try and rope it to trees, and find some big rocks to put in the corners of your tent.

winds at Kilby campground

-Depending on how deep you sleep the train may wake you up periodically throughout the night. It’s a fair distance away, but, it’s a train and trains are loud.

-Checkout time is 11:00 a.m. and check in starts at 1:00 p.m.

-There is a mandated quiet time between 10:00 pm and 8:30 a.m.

-Pets must be on a leash at all times. Honestly, this was enough for me to leave our dog at home for this trip.

-There are some reservable sites. You can visit www.kilby.ca, call 604-796-9576, or email reservations@kilby.ca to reserve.

We had a blast at Kilby Campground regardless of the things mentioned above. It’s somewhere we would definitely visit again, but maybe stay a little longer so we can spend a day at the beach AND explore the surrounding area of Kilby Campground! If you’re there long enough you’re super close to Harrison Hot Springs which is home to the Sandy Cove Trail that you can find on our Jellybean Rating page!


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