5 tips to have the best time camping with kids

Camping with kids is a blast! Not only is it loads of fun for them and for you but the memories created in a campground will last a lifetime.

While camping with kids is a lot of fun it’s also A LOT of work. In order to make sure that your camping adventure is a success here are a few suggestions that might make things a bit easier:

5 tips to have the best time camping with kids

Be organized

Totes are your best friend. Keep your sleeping bags in one, mattresses in another, cooking gear in another, etc. Keep a couple empty ones for packing things like clothes and towels. Always bring a separate bag for dirty clothes!

being organized while camping with kids

Keeping things super organized will also help you put things away easier. It can be a HUGE undertaking just putting things away-try and make it a bit easier on yourself.

Clean the house before you leave

You’re likely going to be a bit tired after camping with kids. When you get home, after you’ve cleaned everything up, it’s time to just relax and take a few moments to recharge. This can be challenging if your house is in disarray from packing up for camping. Take a little bit of time to put things in order before you head off on your trip so you know that nothing but a tidy house is waiting for you at home!

Choose when they get to be bored

When you’re setting up the tent or loading up the car-that’s not when you want the kids to be asking you for things to do. Camping is all about having a bit of extra freedom and playing outside, but you likely want them close by and out of your hair when you’re doing the main set up and take down of the campsite.

How to have the best time camping with kids!

Bring a few activities for them to do while you’re doing this. Books, games, toys; anything they can entertain themselves with at the picnic table or on a blanket for a short bit while you’re doing what needs to be done!

Give them some extra freedom

Rules are rules, but it’s nice to bend them a little bit when you’re camping. One more s’more or adventuring just that little bit further with the other kids will give them that taste of independence that kids crave.

Don’t stay up too late

There doesn’t seem to be much sleep had when you’re camping, especially with kids. Don’t stay up too late. Chances are your kids are going to be up at the crack of dawn when that sun starts beaming down on your tent, so you’re going to want to be as refreshed as possible so you can take on the day ahead of you!

sleeping while camping with kids

Really, you’ll have the best time camping with kids because it’s camping with kids. It’s a blast, even when things go awry-keep that in mind when your tent gets blown up against a tree; it’s all memories:)