Greendrop Lake – Chilliwack, British Columbia

While Lindeman Lake is a great hike for kids to do, beyond that it’s not ideal for smaller feet.

The first part of Sam and Sheena’s adventure began with a night spent WITHOUT KIDS at the family cabin and swimming at Chilliwack Lake. We had full conversations, ate candy without sharing, and slept a full 8 hours. WHATTTTT?

greendrop lake chilliwack lake

The next morning we woke up slowly and had a great breakfast and hot coffee. Once we were finished getting ready we set off on our way up to the Greendrop Lake hike.

You can read about our experience going up to Lindeman Lake to get an idea of what that part of the hike is like.

Once you spend a few minutes looking in awe of the beauty that is Lindeman Lake it’s time to continue on the trek.

You’ll see a washroom and food hanger/cache near a tent platform that reaches out into the lake. Beyond this is the trail to get to Greendrop Lake.

Lindeman Lake view before Greendrop Lake

Carry on along the boulder fields that are along the perimeter of the lake until you get to a bridge that provides another spot to see Lindeman Lake from a different beautiful angle.

Lindeman lake view before Greendrop Lake

Once you go around the corner you’ll get to walk over some well-maintained boardwalk.

If you've got some extra time to go past Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack, British Columbia you'll love the hike up to Greendrop Lake!

The trail continues on fairly flat for a while. There is minimal incline, but once you hit the boulder fields you do need to be careful to prevent injury.

boulder fields to greendrop lake

The trail is very well marked, even on the boulder fields. There are a ton of signs indicating exactly where you need to go.

getting to greendrop lake is easy with signs

The trail is really quite beautiful with a couple of interesting things to see along the way to Greendrop Lake:

Bridge over babbling creek

bridge to greendrop lake

AMAZING Old-growth trees

old growth trees to greendrop lake

Once you get to the lake there aren’t many spots to sit along the lake itself. We nestled ourselves along one rocky spot to have a snack but the other entrance was quite overgrown. After we took our obligatory selfie we started to head back.

greendrop lake

**There’s a really cool hollow tree somewhere by the lake. Can you find it?? If you do, make sure you send us a photo on our Instagram page or use our #littleadventuresbigdreams!

We started our hike at about 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. By the time we went to Greendrop Lake and back to Lindeman, Lindeman was absolutely packed! Keep this in mind if you’re heading there on a weekend. It’s a busy spot and the lake can get pretty crowded. Don’t let it deter you, though- it’s still worth going to!

This isn’t a hard hike, but it’s a nice extension if you’re looking for something a little different beyond Lindeman. If you have some extra time keep going beyond the lake! It took Sheena and I about 5 hours to finish, including taking time to eat some food and take lots of photos!


Have you been to Greendrop?! Share your experience in the comments below!