7 beauty tips for the outdoor Mom

Just because you spend your days in creek water or catching frogs with your kids doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good doing it!

You may not have access to your beauty supplies all day as you adventure in the woods, but here are some beauty tips so you can keep up with your regime.

7 beauty tips for the outdoor Mom

Wear waterproof mascara

waterproof mascara for the outdoor mom

There’s nothing like having mascara run down your face and get in your eyes when you’ve jumped into a beautiful lake with your kids. Don’t waste your time wondering if you have make up all over your face-just wear waterproof mascara so you’ll rest assured you don’t!

Use make up remover wipes

When you’re camping with your kids you want to bring as little as possible. Bringing extras creates too much stuff to remember! Bringing some make up remover wipes as opposed to a multitude of skin care products and they work just as well!

Wear toenail polish

Your poor feet can get pretty beat up on the trails when you get to go out and pursue your big dreams. Choosing a nice, bright nail polish color can distract from the blisters that you’re trying to heal.

Messy hair? Don’t care.

beauty tips for mom hair tips

Don’t you know that beach waves are in? Wavy, unkempt hair is pretty sometimes, but it can also turn into a disaster if it’s let go too long. Try throwing it in a braid or putting a hat on over top to avoid unmanageable tangles.

The rear view mirror is your best friend

beauty tips for the outdoor mom

Or your cell phone camera in selfie mode. Sometimes, after a long day of being outside with your kids you feel the need to freshen up if you’re heading somewhere other than home. Strap the kids in their car seats and take a few minutes to do your thang!


Wearing your best, expensive jewelry to the ocean may not be a wise idea. Keep yourself feeling stylish with a paracord bracelet or a whistle on a string necklace. You may not end up on the cover of “Elle” magazine, but Sheena and Sam will sure think you’re cool!

Under-eye concealer

Parenting is tough, but you don’t have to look as tired as you feel. Using a little bit of under-eye concealer can hide those dark circles under your eyes and fool everyone to believe you’re always bright eyed and bushy tailed! You may even start convincing yourself that you maybe don’t need that 4th cup of coffee today!

You spend your days catching frogs with your kids and you want to look good doing it! Here are the best beauty tips for the outdoor mom!

So, tell us…what are YOUR favorite beauty tips when you’re outside?