Our Top 3 Rain Gear Brands for Kids

If your a mama living in the Fraser Valley in BC,  then you have probably already dug out the rain gear before the Fall showers swoop down into the Valley.

Lucky for you, there is rain gear designed to protect your kids from the monsoon elements and you from loads of laundry. We found top 3 rain wear brands, that have been the most affordable and dependable in keeping our kids dry!

As a parent in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia you'll NEED to know the best rain gear to get for your kiddos to keep them warm and dry!

  1. MEC Rain Suit: Covers every little area. We just started using this for our 4 year olds, and the advantage of a rain suit specifically, is that our kids can literally wade through the water and not worry about leakage through the waist area.

MEC is our go to brand when it comes to outdoor adventures. The quality of this brand is what helps our kids get through the outdoor elements comfortably. We all know, if the kids are cold and wet, its game over. MEC also has a two piece rain suit option if your child is not too keen on a full body suit and has a tendency to pee outside a lot.

You can find these rain suites at MEC store for approximately $80.00. You can also find a lot of MEC used rain suites on craigslist if you don’t plan on passing the rain suit along to the next sibling and/ or would like to save to buy yourself some rain gear!

2.  Oakiwear Rain Wear

Not only does Oakiwear come up as one of the top 3 rain gear brands for kids, but it also comes up as one of the most affordable brands. Oakiwear  has a variety of rain wear items such as boots, one piece rain suites, two piece rain suites, and umbrellas. Each item comes in different styles and unique kid friendly designs.

Neoprene option and a rubber boot option.

You can purchase Oakiwear through their website or through amazon.

3. Tuffo

If your kids like to get dirty, chances are you have a few “muddy buddies” hanging up. Tuffo comes up as one of the top 3 rain gear brands for kids as well. This brand is affordable, and honestly, a good pick if your just starting to venture your child out into the world of puddle jumping. Our 4 year old began his puddle jumping journey in a one piece rain suit, and it has now been passed down to our 2 year old. Also, Tuffo rain suites comes in a small waterproof rain bag, so its easy to pack!

We would love to hear what your favourite rain gear brands are as we head into rainy season!


-Sheena xo