You’ll want THIS if you’re an outdoor parent

Ok, sure. Proper boots, attire, and backpacks are super important as an outdoor parent. However, you know what’s going to allow you to be able to efficiently use those things?


The gear that you NEED to be able to get outdoors with your children is fairly minimal.


-a backpack

-good shoes/boots

-comfortable clothing

-a waterbottle

Aside from that, the rest of the “must-haves” are pretty optional. Personally, there are a few things that we’ve learned make things a lot easier and more comfortable, like bear spray, an Ergo, and jellybeans. However, there is one thing in the “optional” category that we now consider entirely necessary.

An MSR stove.

If you're a parent that takes your kids outdoors a lot you're going to want, or maybe even NEED this one piece of equipment!

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Particularly, “The Pocket Rocket”

This tiny little stove packs a lot of punch. We’ve brought it to the top of mountains or to creek banks for a nice cup o’ Jo, a hot bowl of oatmeal, or to cook a dehydrated dinner.

Think about heading to the Williams Park swimming hole. It’s such a great spot to be able to allow your kids to play independently while you enjoy a few moments of mostly relaxation (you still have to be careful around water, of course). Can you imagine dragging a lovely cup of locally roasted, fair trade coffee all that way while lugging a toddler AND all your gear? We don’t think so.

MSR stove at Williams park

Packing this compact stove, fuel canister, a small pot, and a french press is your answer. Oh! And a lighter…you don’t want to forget that…

You can easily set it up anywhere you can find somewhere relatively flat. It boils water quickly and easily. You know, the boiled water that can make COFFEE!

Your kids want to explore on their own once they’ve reached a destination. You’ve worked hard getting them and yourself up to the top of that mountain and you deserve some luxury while they play!

Not only is this little beauty MSR stove going to be lightweight and compact, but it’s going to bring you years of enjoyment! Sam’s had hers for 8 years and it’s still going strong!

If there’s one piece of outdoor gear that you don’t need but NEED this is it!