How to make new hiking friends

Getting your kids outdoors is SO FUN! However, the one thing that could possibly further that enjoyment is to have hiking friends to share your experiences with!

Making hiking friends when you’re above the age where “Hey! Wanna be my friend?” would work to spark a friendship that would last forever (or at least for the duration of your trip to the playground) can be intimidating and difficult.

Some folks are blessed with the ability to spark up a conversation at the park with a fellow parent and build connections, but sometimes it’s not quite that easy.

Fortunately for the more introverted folks we live in the age of technology.

Facebook often offers local parenting groups (especially Mom groups) where you could post looking for some company on your next park outing. Make a post getting a feel out for the folks who may be interested in getting their kids outdoors. You could try something like: “Hey! I love taking my kids outdoors but would really like to make some friends that love to do the same! My kids are ____ years old. Anyone interested in a meetup at _____ park today?”. This gives people an opportunity to assess whether the ages of their children might be compatible with the ages of your children!

If you’re in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia we’ve created a Facebook group called “Outdoor Living with Kids” for folks to be able to make connections. Check it out; get some outdoor parenting tips AND give your hand at a post to create some new connections!

find hiking friends on outdoor living with kids on facebook

Often times there are often hiking groups for adults. You could even post in those groups to find some folks with kids that you’d have a lot in common with. In the Fraser Valley there’s the “Fraser Valley Hiking Group” which is a wonderfully supportive group of hikers.

Another stellar way of making new hiking friends to go outdoors with is to ask your local sports store. They may have some insight into some hiking groups locally that you could join. If nothing else, you’ll probably meet some pretty awesome¬† and informative folks who work there!

You could also simply ask the friends you already have! Maybe they haven’t thought to take their kids on a little adventure and also want someone to go with! You never know unless you ask! Maybe you visit your local Strongstart program or library story time and have made some connections there. Casually mention that you’d like to try a little trail and see what the response is!

Sheena and I are super lucky to have been friends since elementary school and having the same passion for the outdoors. We spend a ton of time getting our kids outdoors together and truth be told, everyone’s a lot happier for it!

life's better with hiking friends

Do you have an outdoor parent friend? How did you find your hiking friends? Share in the comments below!!