5 Ways To Get Outside More Often




If your trying to get outside more often, even with the cooler weather, try these 5 simple ways:


  1. Take a walk: 

There is no need to plan an extravagant day trip up a mountain to reap the benefits of being outside. Also, if you want your kids to get outside more often, its best to start simple and not discourage your kids by taking them on a difficult venture. A simple walk to a nearby park, grocery store, mailbox or local coffee shop, is a good start to getting outside more often.

Little Adventures Company – © Christopher Kimmel

2. Play in the Backyard:

Planting, watering, jumping through the leaves and puddle jumping are all the things kids like to do everywhere outside, so why not start in your own backyard if you have one. If you don’t have a backyard, a walk to the local community garden or nearby greenbelt are other simple ways to get outside more often.

Little Adventures Company – © Christopher Kimmel


3.  Pick one outdoor hobby at a time:

Outdoor adventures encompass a lot. To keep it simple, choose one outdoor activity at a time to focus on.  For example, bike riding. You may want to spend a few weeks or months to save up for bikes, then once your kids are fully geared up, you can make this the outdoor activity. When you as a family actually enjoy doing something, chances are you will do it often and even make it a priority.


4.  Plan ahead: 

If you want to go outside more often, you have to plan to go outside more often. Planning ahead is important, because your more prepared. You can plan ahead by checking the weather forecast, that way you can dress appropriately and sort out the necessary gear- umbrella, boots, jackets etc. Also, planning ahead is essential if you have small children because, chances are you are planning around nap time, feeds, and need to prepare more items in advance like: diapers, wipes, bottles, and/or breast pumping and feeds.

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5. Habits

If you truly want to get outside more often, you have to change your habits. Simple changes like: walking instead of driving, visiting the local wetlands instead of the indoor play-place, or planning the kids play-dates at a local park instead of your house, are good starting points.

Don’t be discouraged by those mama’s posting pictures of themselves on mountains with their kids, be encouraged and know that they too, started simple with one little adventure at a time!


Happy Adventuring!

-Sheena xo