Redwood Park – Surrey, British Columbia

Trail: Redwood Park

Distance: 0+ km

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour

DirectionsClick here for Google Map

Adults: 3

Ages of children: 2, 4, 7, 11

Stroller friendly: Yes

Dog friendly: Yes- on leash

Bathrooms: Yes

Jellybean rating: 1/5

If the massive variety of trees from around the world, hilly fields, and a cabin in the woods doesn’t catch your kids’ interest the magical fairy garden in the woods most certainly will!

Located approximately 20 minutes from Crescent Beach in Surrey lies an AMAZING park that seriously has something for everyone.

When we arrived we had to drag the kids out of the PARKING LOT. Yep, the parking lot. As soon as you arrive there’s a pretty awesome tree that immediately captivates the climber of the group!

Redwood park parking lot

When we finally made our way into the park we saw a few photographers taking photos of families. So sweet!

We kept walking straight towards the forest. I had to draw the kids away from the playground with promises of the neato things we were about to see.

redwood park gazebos

First up on the roster was that water fountain you see there right in the middle of the trail, in between the two gazebos. It has a top fountain and a fountain underneath just for furry friends! If you had brought a picnic lunch these gazebos are a perfect spot. We’ve come here on a sunny summer day and had a lovely meal.

We kept walking into the forest on this path to go find the cabin at Redwood Park!

Of course, as we approached the cabin the kids were distracted by the big, open field and immediately dispersed. Have you ever wondered what having 4 kids is like? It’s like herding ants. Super inquisitive ants.

If the wide variety of magnificent trees don't catch your kids' interest the magical fairy garden in the woods of Redwood Park most certainly will!

While my 7 year old ran off into the field to find the perfect tree to climb, my 11 year old read the signs posted on the trees. The City of Surrey has done a fantastic job classifying the trees and giving little bits of information about them!

trees at redwood park

While the two older ones were happily entertaining themselves the two younger ones were taking trying to give me a heart attack.


hide and seek at redwood park

I finally was able to wrangle them all and show them the cabin. The cabin is a reproduction of the cabin that was inhabited by the two brothers who originally had the land. The original burned down many years ago, but this recreation was built to show what life was like. You can’t go inside, but it’s fun to see if you can sneak a little peek through the cracks:) Give your kiddos the challenge while you enjoy a few sips of coffee:)

redwood park cabin

You’ll see a sign directly across from the cabin pointing you to the direction of the washrooms. We walked that way to get to the fairy forest. There are TONS of trails throughout Redwood Park that you can go through, but considering we paired this trip with a visit to Crescent Beach I wanted to keep our time here short and sweet.

bathrooms at redwood park

When you get here (if you’re not potty training your 2 year old who you have to remember to take pee constantly) take a left. You’ll see one entrance that goes back into the forest up a bit of a way on your left hand side, but you’re going to go to the second one.

As you walk into a seemingly plain forest prepare yourself to be amazed in a short while!

redwood park fairy garden

Over the years this portion of the Redwood Park forest has become designated for the creation of a fairy forest. There are HUNDREDS of tiny little wooden houses scattered about for the fairies of the forest- and you can feel the magic!

If you have a really little one here it may be difficult to keep them from wanting to play with these sweet little houses and after the hundredth time of “oh, sweetheart, only look with your eyes” you may feel like it’s time to make your way to the playground.

redwood park playground redwood park playground

The playground here is great. There’s a good one for the big kids and a good one for the little guys. There’s also some sand digging toys, spinning toys, and a teeter totter.

Jellybean Rating Summary for Redwood Park

Redwood Park is a great place to explore no matter the occasion. You can find plenty of shelter from sun or rain, make epic leaf piles, and walk through the trails for what seems like forever. It’s a family spot that will become a fast favorite (in fact, my kids will happily drive the hour and a bit to get there from Mission because they love Redwood Park SO much)!

Have fun!