Mt. Cheam Rotary Playground – Chilliwack, British Columbia

Playground: Mt. Cheam Rotary Playground

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia

Washrooms: Yes

Ages of children: 2,4,7,11

If you’re looking for a really cool playground that will challenge your child’s body AND mind the Mt. Cheam Rotary playground in Chilliwack is a great option for you!

Located in Townsend Park, this playground is perfect for parents and their kiddos.

mt. cheam rotary playground in chilliwack

For starters, there are washrooms super close by, which always helps! Second of all, there is TONS of seating for parents. It’s nice to be able to let your kiddos play while you take a little break, sometimes. On this note, there’s a really great coffee shop -Decades- that’s not far from the Mt.Cheam Rotary Playground. I highly suggest you  stop here before and/or after your visit to this playground.

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Ok, so the playground.

For starters, notice how there are no real solid walls? It’s PERFECT for being able to see your kiddos from any angle at the playground.

playgrounds in chilliwack

This playground also has a lot of opportunity for kids to practice their coordination. As there’s no solid walls, there are spots where there’s no solid floor either.

playgrounds in chilliwack

mt cheam rotary playground

There were also multiple ways to use the equipment. For example, the monkey bars have two extra bars that allow for a different approach to getting across. This was perfect for two of my kiddos being different ages and different ability levels.

how to do monkey bars

chilliwack bc

For the older kids there were ways of challenging themselves, as well. My 11-year-old took a real liking to the balance rope and seeing how fast the spinner could take her.

playground in chilliwack

little adventures community

townsend park

For the little guys, they can hang out on the rubber mat that wobbles as you walk, hang out in the swings, rock on the rockers, or get sickly dizzy in those ridiculously fast spinners (with the help of big sisters while Mom reminds in the background to “please stop spinning her so fast!”

two year old playground chilliwack

playground rockers

Really, the one side of the playground would have been appropriate for my 2-year-old, but it just didn’t grab her attention.

Ultimately, if you’re in the Chilliwack area the Mt. Cheam Rotary Playground is a great stop to make (after Decades, remember?).

If your kids just can’t find what they want at the playground they can burn off some steam in one of the many, many fields!

Check out our YouTube video to see EXACTLY what the Mt. Cheam Rotary playground in Chilliwack offers!

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