5 reasons you shouldn’t take your kids outside

Taking your kids outside is crucial. It’s good for everyone’s health; mental, physical, and emotional. It’s important to take your kids outside every day. Well, almost every day…

There are some exceptions for when you shouldn’t take your kids outside. The reasons are few, but they definitely apply!

5 reasons you shouldn’t take your kids outside


Some sniffles or a runny nose doesn’t always warrant a sick day, but a touch of the flu most certainly does. When sickness is on the table it’s your call as a parent to decide whether or not you think some fresh air would do the body good or not. You know your kiddo best; gauge how they’re feeling based on their behavior.

The same goes for you,the parent, eh?! If you’re sick and don’t think you’re up to the task of taking your kids outdoors make sure to listen to your body!

Weather warnings

When the weather man heeds a warning that it’s going to exceptionally hot, cold, smoky, or whatever the case may be it may be wise to listen to the advice.

Often times these warnings only apply to certain times of the day (to avoid sun stroke, for example) so you can work around those times by keeping a close eye on websites like www.theweathernetwork.com

There are some reasons for when you shouldn't take your kids outside. They are far and few between, but they definitely apply!

Nobody feels like it

You know how you have those days where you just want to stay in your pajamas and watch t.v. and relax all day?

Kids have those days, too. When it’s unanimous that nobody feels like heading outdoors take it into consideration. If the votes are split try and find a compromise-maybe heading out on a hike isn’t the best choice for that day, but a simple trip to the playground might suit everyone just fine!


If someone’s hurt make sure you’re resting enough to fully heal! You may end up doing more damage than good if you push too hard, and may make it more difficult in the long run to get back out there as often as you’d like.


While getting outdoors can provide some therapy to the whole family, some days it just doesn’t happen. There are days where the house needs to be cleaned, snacks need to be made, emails need to be sent, and bills need to be paid. You’ll have a much better experience if you don’t have all of those to-do’s nagging your brain. If you don’t end up getting outside on account of LIFE don’t beat yourself up!


Basically, while we do try and get our kiddos out every door it doesn’t always happen. While we tend to focus on the outdoor living part of our lives on our social media profiles please know that we DON’T GET OUR KIDS OUTDOORS ALL THE TIME! We have days. Our kids have days. That. Is. Life.

You’re doing a great job.