The best Christmas gift ideas to encourage kids to get outdoors

Choosing a Christmas gift that your kids will love AND is practical can be tricky. Here are a few ideas for a Christmas gift that are fun, purposeful, and will encourage your kids to get outdoors!

Christmas Gift Ideas to encourage your kids to get outdoors


How much fun is it to be able to go outside in the dark and still be able to see? Giving the kids their own headlamp will give them the tools to be able to go outside in the dark confidently while they have loads of fun!

Photo Books

Give your kiddo their own photo album of the fun adventures you’ve had so far in the year. It’ll remind them of all the fun things you’ve done and the neat places they’ve seen-and will inspire them to keep going to find their next little adventure!


kids love an umbrella for christmas

Kids LOVE umbrellas. You can find some super kid friendly ones that turn your child into a duck or a frog, or are clear so the raindrops can be watched.

Bug catching kit

With some monitoring to make sure the bugs don’t make it into your house bug catching can be a really engaging activity. A magnified bug house and net can provide a lot of entertaining fun!

Hatchet or knife

For the older kids this is a rite of passage. Giving them their own tool gives them a sense of independence and capability. Make sure your child is ready for this gift-it comes with a lot of responsibility!

hatchet as a christmas gift for kids


Bike riding is a GREAT family activity. If your kids already have a bike some bike accessories would thrill them. Stickers, handle bar tassles, a basket-anything to jazz up their bike!

Outdoor games

Skipping rope, frisbee, mini golf, yard Jenga, etc. You can keep them at home and pack them up when you head to a playground.

Water toys

It may not be the right season, but the kids will appreciate knowing it’s there when the weather warms up.


There will always be windy days-and when there are you’ll have a fun to make it that much more fun!

if you're looking for a Christmas gift that willl encourage the kids to get outside and that they will love-this is the list for you!


There’s nothing more disappointing than a good drop of snow, knowing there’s a hill nearby, and NOT being able to go down it.

Flower Press

Allow the kids to preserve their treasures with a flower press. Pair it with a scrapbook so that they can keep it all inside safely.

Membership or Day Pass

Getting the kids a pass to the zoo or aquarium won’t disappoint. Check into prices. Sometimes it’s very cost effective to spend a bit more and get a year pass versus a day. After a couple visits you’ve gotten your money’s worth.little adventures community

An “Ultra” little adventure

Let them choose the destination but amp up the trip a bit. If they choose a local park or hike bring a few things to make it extra special. Have a fire and make s’mores. Bring hot chocolate and add marshmallows. Get their input as to what would make the little adventure a little different.

Hiking poles

Kids love to have the things that their parents have. Hiking poles will not only help them be like their caregivers, but it’ll also help add some stability when they’re hiking. Be mindful of the ages of kiddos who get these hiking poles or you may end up carrying more than just yours when your little one decides they’re done carrying them!

A dog!

I asked my four-year-old what would make her want to go outside more often. She said if I got her a puppy for Christmas she’d take it out all the time. If I’m being perfectly honest, we did get our kids a puppy for Christmas 3 years ago and it truly does motivate you to get outside more often…but it’s also a lot of work. I’m a big advocate of having a pooch in the family, but just make sure it’s the right time (like, not when you’re pregnant with your fourth child and don’t know it yet!).


What Christmas gifts are on your kids list? Do you have any ideas for Christmas gift ideas to encourage them to get outdoors? Share in the comments below!