Crescent Beach-Surrey, British Columbia

Trail: Crescent Beach

Distance: 0+ km

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 45 min

DirectionsClick here for Google Map

Adults: 3

Ages of children: 2, 4, 7, 11

Stroller friendly: Yes

Dog friendly: No

Bathrooms: Yes

Cell service: Yes

Jellybean rating: 1/5

We all need a little vitamin sea from time to time. Truth be told, if I could get daily vitamin sea I would, but considering it’s a bit of a trek to make it to the ocean for us we don’t go as often as I’d love.

Nonetheless, we made a trip out for the day. As you come to the 4 way-stop just before Crescent Beach there’s a coffee shop on the corner. Just behind the coffee shop there is the BEST bakery, as well as deli. Wee stopped in there and grabbed the works for a picnic lunch. We do this every time we come:)

picnic at crescent beach


Crescent Beach can be tricky to find parking, especially on a nice day. You may have to circle around a few times – but be careful to take note of the signs. There are a lot of spots that aren’t available due to resident parking.

When you park head towards the beach!

crescent beach surrey

I didn’t even attempt to get the kids to go for a walk at Crescent beach. There’s a path that takes you from where those trees at the end are all the way to Blackie Spit (where there’s an off leash dog park. Don’t bring your dog to the main beach).

There are washrooms towards those trees but somehow we didn’t end up having to use them!

If you and the family needs some vitamin sea make your way to Crescent Beach in Surrey, British Columbia for your ocean needs!

playing at crescent beach

The kids immediately got into playing. There’s LOADS of material to use to keep them happy for hours. My kiddos made a teeter totter, collected rocks, and looked for seashells.

crescent beach seashells

Eventually, I decided it would be a nice idea to try and get a photo of my girls and I…but y’all know how that goes:

family photo at crescent beach

After the kids had enough beach time we all agreed to head to Redwood Park!

It’s about a 20 minute drive heading East from Crescent Beach so it makes a perfect pair of activities for the day. They’re also both non-structured and there’s no destination, so they’re both super carefree!

Jellybean Rating for Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is an awesome choice for getting to the ocean. You can go to Whiterock, but that’s always busier and there are lots of little shops that will distract the kiddos. This is a great, less-stress option to let the kids play. Also, I mentioned Redwood Park above and I definitely recommend making the stop if your kiddos have some steam left in them:)


Have fun,