Top 4 Tips for Kids Winter Gear

If you live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, then you know how cold and wet it can get during winter. Chances are, you already have an inventory of random winter clothing. Having tons of winter clothes is great, but adding more to the pile can get costly, and a bit overwhelming when trying to sort out what the best gear is, and what needs to go. Here are a few tips for kids winter gear that won’t break the bank or make your kids look like little marshmallows!

1.)  layers, layers and more layers: 

When it comes to buying winter gear for kids, think inner to outer. There are 4 essential layers kids need. My 4 year old son participates in an outdoor pre-school and has to be ready for all the elements, so its important to be prepared.  One of his amazing outdoor teachers- Jessica Harvey, prepared this photo as a good reminder and diagram when dressing little ones for the cold weather.

2.  Waterproof Jacket and pants is an Absolute Must

In order to protect all those warm layers from getting wet, your child will need warm and waterproof pants and jacket. During the winter season, a rain suit is not ideal for the snow, because you would need SO many layers underneath to keep them warm. By the time you covered them with a thin rain suit, I don’t think you could pull it over.

Fleece body suites are a top pick amongst parents; including myself- unfortunately, as soon as snow hits the fleece, it becomes super wet and soaks in. A fleece suit on its own, won’t do the trick, but a down suit on top will.


The 4th layer is the most important, and the most expensive. Try to reduce costs on the first 3 layers, and invest in getting a good 4th layer. Craigslist and second hand clothing stores often have snow suites for a reduced price.

Cosco has excellent deals for base layers. less than $20.00. Old navy also has a really good active wear line that sells base layers at a reduced cost.

We found  a great base layer from old navy for less than 20$.

3.) Make sure they like their Gloves

The dilemma of gloves. Every single parent can relate to this. We all know that if your kids hands are cold, its GAME OVER. Not even hot chocolate with marshmallow’s can win them over. In fact, if they cant hold their hot chocolate with their gloves, then its also game over- you cant win. Pretty confident that the next most important winter gear item, is gloves.

If possible, try to make gloves personable to them, so they WANT to wear them, and make sure they aren’t too big. Big gloves doesn’t mean warmer, it just means more tantrums!

Found these gloves at winners for less than $20. Notice how they have a zipper? These are excellent because you can open the entire glove up, and place your child’s hand inside. These gloves are great because they don’t fall off easily and come up high; therefore keeping out the snow.

4.) Winter boots, not rain Boots

Jumping in puddles is not the same as being in knee deep snow, so when you look for winter boots, try to find boots with as much insulation as possible.  Kamik winter boots have amazing insulation and last forever.


Snow, wet, cold and kids can be a recipe for a disaster, but with the right kids winter gear, a lot of fun and memories can be made!

You know what THEY say, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”


Happy Wintering! 🙂