How to have hot chocolate when you’re hiking

When the cold winter hits, one of the BEST and tastiest ways to warm up is with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

We’ve talked about what to pack on a day hike with your kids, but in the colder months there are a few other things that need to be added:


-hand warmers



It may seem like packing up some hot chocolate is easy peasy but there’s some thought definitely required.

3 ways to bring hot chocolate on the trail


Bring a thermos

pack up hot chocolate in a thermos

If you make up some hot chocolate when you’re at home you can put it in a thermos to bring along.


-it’s premade, so less work when you’re on your little adventure


-if your thermos leaks in your pack you’ve got a gross, chocolatey mess on your hands.

-unless you have extra drinking water you have nothing to clean your mugs out with.

Bring hot water and hot chocolate mix

Going on little adventures in the colder months can still be a great time! Hot chocolate keeps you warm and acts as a special treat outside!

You’ll still need a thermos to bring the water. You can either buy some mix or make some yourself with this easy recipe!


-you can adapt how strong to make the hot chocolate for each person.

-if anything leaks in your bag it’ll just be water!

-you can save a bit of water to rinse your mugs out.


-you need a BIG thermos depending on how many people are in your party.

Boil water with a portable stove

Remember this post on portable stoves? They’re perfect for this exact purpose! You’ll need water, a stove, fuel, and some hot chocolate mix.

If you're an outdoor parent you'll want an msr stove


-you can bring a pot big enough for the amount of people you have.

-you can fit everything you need inside that pot!

-it’s a fun process to set it up and ti gives extra time to explore at your destination while you wait for water to boil.


-it’s a bit more to carry. Depending on the ages of your kids you may already have a fair bit in your pack!


There you have it! That’s how Sheena and I like to bring hot chocolate on our little adventures. How do you bring it on yours? Share in the comments below!