10 Ways to Give Gifts of Experiences

As the Christmas mayhem quickly approaches, you may find yourself procrastinating to buy gifts, because your heart is telling you that maybe our families and friends don’t really need more “stuff.” Are you maybe wondering how you can wrap up an experience as a gift?
As a mom of two kids, I can literally feel my body tense up when people ask me what kind of “toys” my kids want for Christmas, or go as far as handing them over a toy flyer and telling them to circle what they want. Don’t get me wrong,  my kids like new toys, and we are certainly not that family with no TV and only wooden blocks; However, toys add up when that’s all everyone is buying for them, and it can be very overstimulating.

If you want to break the toy cycle, and instead, give the whole family an experience as a gift, here are 10 ways to give gifts of experiences

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10 Ways to give Gifts of Experiences

1. Movie Passes

Seeing a movie is such a fun outing, but the cost for a whole family can really add up.  Buying a gift card for the local theatre gives families an opportunity to have a night out without the stress of the bill.

 2. Lessons

Dancing, swimming, soccer, skating music, art or any other lesson creates another opportunity for a child, and does create an experience gift for the whole family. My kids love new experiences, and we always feel grateful with the support of family and friends, because with two kids, extra curricular activities do add up.


3. Gift Card for outdoor gear stores
This is a great way to support an adventurous family in their active lifestyle, or encourage a family who wants to spend more time outdoors. A 25$ gift card even goes along way. New outdoor cups, or a thermos are always a need and a must have.

4.  Parks Passes
Depending on where you live, a pass to local recreation parks, or a camping park is a great gift that gives families something to look forward to in the summer months. This is literally an experience the whole family can do together.

5. Coffee Cards and dinner cards

Oh yes. If you want to create an experience, this is the one. Giving a family who you know drinks coffee, will absolutely love you for buying a coffee card. Depending on your budget, a dinner out is certainly a kind gesture too. Eating out is quite costly, so again, a gifted portion of dinner is always helpful and provides an opportunity for the family to go out together.

UNIQUE and less costly experience gift items:

6.Popcorn Machine

Making popcorn as a family, can be a very memorable experience. You can buy a used popcorn maker at your local thrift store even. Add some kernels to the mix, and you got the perfect thought out gift.

7. Race registration:

If someone in the family is an avid runner, or hoping to be more active in the new year, a race membership is a good way to keep someone motivated- maybe start small first! (5km)

8. Books

Books create an experience through words and pictures. A new book is always a great go to for a family.

9.  Make a donation

Make a donation to an organization that is meaningful to the family your buying for, and make the donation in their name.


10. Offer a hug and a hand-made card. 

Hugs and personalized cards last forever.  During the holidays, we are seeing family and friends we may have not seen in quite some time, so a hug, just may be the greatest gift of all and the most memorable experience.

Happy Holidays, friends!