Sardis Park- Chilliwack, British Columbia

Trail: Sardis Park

Distance: 1km

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour 45 min

Directions: Click here for Google Map

Adults: 2

Ages of Children: 11 months, 2, and 4

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes (on leash)

Bathrooms: Yes

Cell Service: Yes

Jelly Bean Rating: 1/5


If your looking for a park that offers a variety of activities for the kids, then Sardis Park is a perfect location to check out.

It may look like an ordinary park with pond in the middle, but it has a bit of history worth telling.

“In the past, the pond was stocked with trout. Many grandfathers in Chilliwack used this pond to help them teach their grandchildren to fish.

“The pond was also a notable local swimming hole. Usage of the park would explode on hot summer evenings and weekends.

Over the decades a process called eutrophication has changed the chemistry of the pond, making undesirable for fish and unsuitable for swimming.” City of Chilliwack



Today, Sardis Park is a spectacular place to spot all kinds of  birds. We noticed a few eagles nests in some of the trees.

Be CAREFUL. Your really not allowed to feed the birds….. there are a few signs and locals who keep an eye on the birds.

There are two playgrounds and an exercise park for the parents- hehe. This adds a lot of extra excitement for kids when they come to Sardis Park. Usually we let the kids run wild and head to the playground, then walk around the pond.

 There are picnic tables around Sardis park, so you can plan to have lunch or even a birthday party at this park!

There is another small toddler park to the very right of the sign as soon as you walk in. Bathrooms are to the very left of the sign.

Tons of Parking as well, and Saris Park’s parking lot has been know to be very safe, as many homes are surrounded by the park.

If you have a photographer friend, bring them along, because this Park has some pretty amazing lighting thats perfect for taking photos.


Jelly Bean Rating:

We rate Sardis Park a 1/5. The variety of things to do keeps the kids entertained, and offers a beautiful loop around a pond. During the Summer months, there is a party in the park on Wednesdays, which offers a whole other super cool element to this park.

Don’t forget your camera and picnic when you visit this park.

Happy little Adventuring!