How to take your toddler on an outdoor adventure

Getting your little guys out doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s nice to get out and scale mountain tops but truly all kids need is fresh air and some room to burn off energy. 

Taking your toddler for a walk down your road is enough to get them outdoors. However, if you’re feeling the desire to take them on a more involved adventure here are some tips on how to take a toddler on an outdoor adventure:

Let them walk

how to take your toddler on an outdoor adventure

Toddlers are stubborn people, and sometimes they need a bit more motivation to keep going. Here’s what we do when we need to encourage our little guys to get moving:

-Give them a backpack. It can be empty, but it’s just enough to give them a confidence boost.

-Have races with them. “On your mark, get set, GO” can be your magic words.

-Tell them you see something really cool up ahead. Get excited about it and encourage them to follow you. Walk for a short distance and then find a random “really cool” stick and explain why it’s “really cool”.

-Be a tickle monster and chase them.

Keep your trip short if you don’t have or want the option of carrying your toddler. They tire out easily and you don’t want to be stuck in a position where the only option IS to carry them.

Put them in a hiking backpack

If you’re going to take your toddler on a little adventure that’s beyond your toddler’s physical abilities having a hiking backpack is a great option.

Sheena and Sam are partial to Deuter backpacks, but there are other options that offer the same great support and comfort. 

Having a carrier that your child AND all of the stuff you need can go into is ideal for a longer trip. There’s a decent amount of storage and the packs are designed to be comfortable for you and your kiddo! Each pack has a different weight restriction, but Deuter in particular has a limit of 48.5 lbs, which provides carrying options for a child for a few years!

Bring the stroller

use a stroller to take your toddler outside

Taking your stroller isn’t recommended if you’re heading to a destination with an incline, but there are SO many spots that have great trails for easy use with strollers.

Check out our Jellybean Rating page for ideas on where to go. Each rating will let you know whether or not we recommend bringing your stroller or finding another option to get your toddler moving.

Find a balance

Fun day hikes to the top of a mountain are magnificent. However, short walks along the river are magnificent, too!

Avoid burnout of you and your toddler by keeping a balance between long adventures that require a whole lotta stuff, and short adventures that require the absolute minimum.

Do you want to take your toddler outside but don't know the best way to do it? Here are a few tips and tricks!

Keep your Ergo with you

Ergo baby soft structure carriers are DA BOMB!

If you have a wee little one that you’re wearing on your front you can bring everything you need in a backpack on your back.

If you have a bigger kid that you’re wearing on your back you can bring everything you need in a backpack on your front! Alternatively, you can pack up the necessities in pockets.

If you’re carrying a toddler having an Ergo is wonderful for getting your kiddo in and out of the carrier when they want to stretch out their legs!

Ergo baby with backpack


These are some of the ways that you can take your toddler on an outdoor adventure. What have you found works best for you?