How to take your kids AND dog hiking-An interview with boy and fur baby mama Sara

Taking your kids hiking is fun. Taking your dog hiking is fun. What about when you want to take the kids and dog hiking?

Sara is a Little Adventures Company follower and lover of the outdoors. She graciously offered to share her experience on how to take kids and dogs on outdoor adventures!

How to take your kids and dog hiking

how to take your kids and dog hiking

1. Tell us about your family (fur baby included).

I am married to a firefighter who works shift work. My son Hendrix is almost 1 yr old and Brady is 8 yrs and Maddi is 4 yrs. Both rescues.

2. What motivates you to get outdoors with your kids and your dog? 

I love being outdoors. I love hiking and my dogs are very active and used to getting a lot of exercise. I’m motivated to get out because everyone is happier after outdoor time and we live in the most beautiful place! There’s always SO much to see!

hiking with a kid and dog

3. What is your favourite outdoor activity?

Definitely love hiking but also love the beach or being on a patio having some wine!

kids and dog

outdoor kids

4. How do you manage it all when you’re outdoors with your kids and dog?

It’s definitely a challenge because Brady isn’t great with some dogs and he’s 150 lbs so we have to be careful where we go. I try to go with a group of friends because hiking alone isn’t safe unless I’m on a busier trail. If we take the stroller we usually stick to the dykes but Hendrix loves being in the back pack so we usually stay on the mountain trails or in the forest.

getting outdoors with kids
5. What do you do if the dog needs to go out but the kids don’t want to?

Hendrix isn’t old enough right now so he just comes. If the weather is horrible I will try to get a sitter for an hour to take the dogs without him.

6. Where’s your favourite place to take everyone on an outdoor adventure?

We love eagle mountain


7. Final words of advice?

Try not to stress if you’re having a baby and you have dogs. You can make it work. Plan ahead at the beginning in case you have a C section and need help getting your dogs out. Find a hiking group of friends or new moms! That’s always a bonus so you’re not alone. If your dog isn’t friendly don’t be afraid to use a muzzle and try controlled introductions with confident dog people! Get the dogs used to a stroller and make outside time a family event so the dogs feel included and associate baby with fun!

Taking the kids hiking is fun. Taking the dog hiking is fun. Here's how you can do both together!


Happy adventuring, Little Adventure Company family! Do you have experience with hiking with kids and dog? Share your story with us!