5 Simple Outdoor Adventures with Kids

Yes, outdoor adventures with kids, CAN be simple. Too often, we feel like outdoor adventures have to be a destination somewhere, particularly up a mountain, which makes the whole outdoor adventure thing sound not so appealing.

Like everything in parenting, its what we model to our children. Anyone can give you simple outdoor adventure ideas to do with kids, but truthfully, if you know hiking is not your thing, try what you enjoy. If you prefer walking to the playground- do that. If you like walking to the dollar store to buy bubbles for outside, then do that.

Outside should bring you joy, because when it does, it will bring your children joy, too- wow! that was deep, I am going to coin that quote- (Sheena Mista) haha.

5 Simple Outdoor Adventures with kids:

Gardening, Pulling weeds and finding bugs:

  1. This particular outdoor activity calls for minimal gear, and can be purchased at your local dollar store. Gardening gloves, and shovels can all be purchased for under $10. Making kids pulls all your weeds gives kids a task, a result and helps you in the long run. Planting even one flower with a child, gives them a sense of wonder and appreciation for the earth.

2.  Walking to see the local animals: 

Animals are a great way to motivate your kids to get outside. There are plenty of Eco Dairy’s, and local farmers that we like to support and visit. Animals are a good destination check-point if your walking or riding your bike. Chances are kids will be motivated to make the trip!

3.  Fire at the River:

We know what your thinking: “There is no way I am starting a fire with my kids at the river, ” trust me, we get it. However, its a great skill to learn, and kids really love it. We always suggest bringing another parent along if you have never made a fire. Two adults who don’t have a clue are better than one! ;). Search YouTube- How to make a fire, and always check fire bans. River is the best place, so you avoid trees.

Little Adventures Company – © Christopher Kimmel
Little Adventures Company – © Christopher Kimmel

barefoot and balanced

4. Eat snacks outside.

Yes, its that simple. Tell your kids you packed snacks and they will pretty much go anywhere; its kind of amazing!

snacks when hiking with kids

5.  Smell the Flowers- even the dandelions!

Who doesn’t love to pick flowers? And, did you know, you can eat dandelions? You can even pick them and use the stem as a string to tie a little bouquet together. Print out all the things you can do with dandelions and put the kids to work! They will love it! (Double check how you eat dandelions before you do). How to Eat Dandelions 



Happy Adventuring Friends!

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Sheena xo