Teskey Rock- Chilliwack, British Columbia

Trail: Teskey Rock

Date completed: May 3, 2019

Distance: Less than 1km

Location: Chilliwack, BC

Distance from Vancouver: 1hr 10min

Directions: Click here for google maps

Adults: 2

Ages of Children: 2, 5, 9, 12

Stroller friendly: no

Dog friendly: Yes

Bathrooms: No

Cell Service: Yes

Teskey Rock is the perfect “quick dip at the river spot.” Typically, accessing the river with several kids can pose a few  inconveniences if you have to hike down to the river, park a few kilometres away, and determine where the best sandy spots will be.

We found that Teskey Rock was super easy access for six kids, two mamas and a super energetic dog.

Access: When you head down Chilliwack Lake Road, Teskey Rock is located approximately 250 meters to your right. You cannot park on the side of the road beside the rock; however, there is gravel parking space a few meters up on your left hand side- same access to the promontory stairs (backside). There is also a cross walk to take across the road for safe access. You will notice a large boulder with some spray paint on it, this is where you access down to the river.

The Hike Down:  Not really a hike down, more like a walk down the hill.  Our two year old’s were able to walk down the hill with some hand holding. There is a cliff to your right, so don’t let the kiddos go that way without you :).

Depending on how high the river is near Teskey Rock, you may encounter a miniature water hole. We had to roll up our pants, and do some piggy back navigating. You CAN choose to hangout close to the stairs instead of walk over, but…… then, you couldn’t enjoy the vast beauty of the sand and rocks on the other side. Plus, we had 6 kids and a dog, so needed as much space as possible.

Making A Fire:

Hands down, one of the best spots to make a fire with kids. There are SO many huge rocks to collect, endless sticks for the kiddos to collect, and open spaces for safe fire making when there is no fire ban.

We did pack our own wood, because we intended to make a fire and teach the kids fire safety!

Teskey Rock, Chilliwack British Columbia


The Perfect view of the Vedder Bridge:

Teskey Rock Spot, is by far, one of the best views of the Vedder Bridge, along with the vast mountain ranges.

Fun Activities:

We brought along some non-Toxic Eco friendly paint, so the kids could paint some of the rocks. To them, this was more entertaining than building a fire. The kids also collected some fish bones that were scattered along the river; to them this was their very own little scavenger hunt!


Jelly Bean Rating:

We rate Teskey Rock a 1/5 for the following reasons:

  • The access to the river with kids is simple; no strenuous hiking necessary
  • Parking is convenient
  • You can haul a cooler for dinner down with minimal effort
  • Kids are easily entertained by the vast space to run, paint rocks and explore

We think you should plan your next picnic here! 🙂

Happy Little Adventuring!