Bosumarne Falls- Chilliwack, B.C.

Trail: Bosumarne Falls

Date completed: Early July

Distance: Less than 1 km to lower falls

Elevation: Minimal

Location: Chilliwack, BC

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes

DirectionsClick here for Google maps

Adults: 1

Ages of Children: 3,5,8,11, 12

Stroller friendly: No

Dog friendly: Yes

Bathrooms: No

Cell Service: No

Time to complete: 40 minutes there and back, but you’ll want to spend longer!

Jellybean rating: 1

You’ve read about a few of our favourite hikes up Chilliwack Lake Road: Teskey Rock, Chilliwack Lake, Greendrop Lake, Salmon Ridge trail, and Lindeman Lake!

We now have another to add on that list of favourites, and it’s a good one!

While there are currently no signs at Bosumarne Falls there are definitely some in the works to make finding it a bit easier. In the meantime, we’ll give you some detailed directions here!

Bosumarne Falls is located almost at the end of Chilliwack Lake road. When you’re at Vedder Bridge reset your odometer. Drive towards Chilliwack Lake and when you get to the 37 km mark (roughly) you’ll see a hydro pole with “2017” spray painted on it on the left hand side of the road. Park across the street on the road. **If you hit Paulsen rd you’ve gone too far. The trailhead is right before then.

bosumarne falls trail

There is a very obvious trail that starts right off the road. Start walking down.

The trail starts out open and is very clear to follow. If you like daisies you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of them here!

bosumarne daisies

The trail curves to the left and becomes a bit denser. It’s quite overgrown but the trail is still easy to make out. Be sure to make lots of noise as part of your bear safety routine! I gave my kids 10 seconds to make as much noise as possible every so often on the trail. It scared away bears (and the poor guy behind us on the trail), but I always have bear bangers and bear spray just in case. You can get both of these things just before you head up Chilliwack Lake Road in Garrison at Mt. Waddingtons Outdoors!

dense trail at bosumarne

Once you reach the forest the dense trail opens up and you’re at an amazingly wonderful teepee! Give the kids a little bit of time to explore here-it’s seriously cool!

teepee at bosumarne falls

You can either take a right on the trail to go to the Upper Bosumarne Falls or you can veer left to the Lower Bosumarne Falls. We opted for left here as I’ve read accounts of the bridge at the Upper Falls being a little precarious (which I wasn’t prepared for that day!).

bosumarne falls trail

The trail leads right down to the water which is what every single kid loves!

bosumarne forest trail

log at bosumarne

The Lower Bosumarne Falls is small but impressive for kids!

Bosumarne Falls in Chilliwack, British Columbia is a perfect hike for families with kids! It's a short hike with a breathtaking reward!

bosumarne falls quest for 10

bosumarne log

After quite some time the kids were ready to head back, but not without some playing around again in the teepee!

bosumarne teepee

We kept going back to the road, loaded up in the car, and made our way to Chilliwack Lake for a swim and camp!

Jellybean Rating Summary for Bosumarne Falls

Bosumarne Falls is a perfect starter hike without cell service. It can be intimidating when you’re all on your own. However, this little trail is close to the road so you’re not far from the comfort of your vehicle. It’s short and flat with a great reward. Make a day of it and go check out Chilliwack Lake afterwards. There’s a lot of beauty in this valley and SO much space to explore!

Have fun and happy adventuring!