Willband Creek Park- Abbotsford, British Columbia

Trail: Willband Creek Park

Date Completed: February 5, 2020

Distance:  Various

Elevation: Minimal

Type of trail: Loop

Location: Abbotsford, BC

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hr 

Directions: Click here for Google Map

Adults: 1

Ages of children: 3, 5, 8

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Bathrooms: Yes – outhouse

Dog-friendly: Yes, on leash

Cell Service: Yes

Time to Complete: Various

Jelly Bean Rating: 1/5

Right along the Abbotsford-Mission connector lies a little gem that makes you feel like you’re far away from a busy road.

Willband Creek Park has a well-groomed trail that offers a variety of hikers a place to go be in nature. You can choose anywhere from a mini-loop and wandering around, to walking around the entire pond.

Willband creek park parking lot

When you get to the parking lot make sure you lock your doors. Willband Creek Park has been notoriously scouting the place out in search of moms who get so caught in getting their kids and dog out of the car that they forget to lock the doors. They steal these mom’s wallets…(yes, I say this from experience).

However, don’t let this deter you from visiting here; just make sure you’re vigilant in locking your doors and keeping valuables at home!

willband creek park trail

You can choose to go down any of the trails. When you walk into the trail from the parking lot, if you take a left you’ll go on a loop that brings you to a stop at a boardwalk, so that’s the way the kiddos and I usually go.

The creek that follows the trail is so serene and often hosts ducks and geese happily swimming along. The thing about Willband Creek Park is that you’re going to see LOADS of wildlife here. We’ve seen ducks, geese, hawks, eagles, and other birds that the low extent of my bird naming abilities don’t allow me to name. We’ve also seen snakes, mice, frogs, and squirrels here.

willband creek park bridge

All throughout the trail there are bridges that are always a hit. I often motivate my kids by encouraging them to just get to the next bridge and see what’s over it when we cross it. If there’s water under the bridge we usually stop and see if we can find a shark or a crocodile. This acts as a great distractor and also gives them an opportunity for them to tell me they’re smarter than me because they know sharks and crocodiles don’t live in these creeks.

This park is a great option all year round. The creek will often freeze in winter and it’s pretty fun to see how the geese respond to the icy surface:)

Willband Creek Park is a great place to come for a brisk walk or a short meander. Regardless of why you come you’re likely to see a variety of birds and beautiful mountains in the background!