A little adventure is…a little adventure!


For one family that could mean a walk to the park. For another family that could mean a swim at the lake, and for another it could mean climbing to the top of a mountain.


Little Adventures Co. Strives to help families just like yours be able to get outdoors and create lasting memories. We’re not able to come along with you while you take your kiddos into nature because we’re not qualified guides, but we’ll be there in spirit (and on our website, of course!). We hope to give you the information you need to ensure you’re confident while you’re on little adventures with your kids. Little Adventures Co. is your resource to help you make this remarkable lifestyle shift into outdoor living with kids!


It can be overwhelming when you consider what goes into taking the kids on a outing, but we’re here to help. You’ll get tips and tricks from two moms who have developed a system to get their kids physically active and HAPPY in an outdoor environment. The increasingly high cost of living in the Lower Mainland has forced us to change the way we’re raising our kids. We’ve transitioned from taking our kids to indoor, structured play activities to exposing them to outdoor, unstructured play experiences (that don’t cost a ton of money!!). The differences in our kids has been remarkable–and we even get to enjoy an entire coffee and most of a conversation from time to time!

Every time we go out with our kids into nature we’re learning and developing strategies to be able to maximize everyone’s outdoor experience. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you in hopes that you’ll get the same joy out of your little adventures with your kids that we get with ours!

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I’m Sheena! The two crazy boys, Lux and Ridge are my little whirlwinds of energy.

My husband Adam is a mountaineer, so I became a wannabe alpinist-ha! Truthfully, I escaped into nature when I starting working with at risk youth. I noticed the benefits of being outdoors for not only the youth, but myself. 

Now that I have two sons, life is a bit different. Like many moms and families, we choose to live simply so I can be home more often, and for me, living simply is being outdoors. I have so much joy when my kids get dirty, find sticks, eat berries, have sandy feet, then tell me they had a great day. I hope to offer other children and families joy through outdoor experiences. 

Samantha Palmer Little Adventures Company


I’m Sam! I’m that lady with the four girls! (I’ll give you a second to process that one)

I’ve always held a deep appreciation for nature, and  that has grown stronger as my children have grown older. I mean, how can you not have a love of a force that immediately stops your kids from fighting?! You can read all about my adventures in motherhood- from pregnancy to sibling rivalry- in my personal blog at www.moderndayhippie.ca

My big family lives in a tiny little house-900 sq. ft. of living space- so we spend a lot of time outside exploring. If our close quarters don’t motivate us to get out the door our 70 lb pooch most certainly does!

I’m so looking forward to hanging out with you and your family! I can’t wait to hear about all  of your little adventures:)