Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be honest with you! These are some of the questions that we’re asked frequently (hence, the frequently asked questions page) and here are our answers:

Will you take us on little adventures?

The short answer here is: “No”.

It’s not that we don’t want to head out with you lovely folks, but legally we aren’t trained as guides that are able to take you and your kids out on a little adventure. Little Adventures Company is a resource website intended to give you the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to take your kids out on your own little adventures! Please make sure to read through our disclaimer before you use our website.

Will the destinations be the same as how you’ve written about them?

It’s possible, but chances are there might be a few things that have changed. Park maintenance, weather conditions, natural erosion, and man-made changes can happen at any time. The posts that we write about destinations document our experience at the time that we were there. Any changes from that point are beyond our control. It’s always a good idea to check the BC Parks website before heading to any destination to learn of any possible challenges.

Do Sam and Sheena always head out on little adventures together?

Nope. We try and get out together as much as possible, but sometimes we head out by ourselves, with our partners, or with friends or family. Sometimes we have all 6 kids with us-sometimes 1 or 2. It’s all dependent on what’s going on!

Do you check out the little adventures before taking your kids on them?

We explore new places with our kids all the time. We do research about any given place before we head out and assess whether or not it would be suitable for our kids. If we arrive at the destination and discover that it is not safe or will be too challenging for our kids we find something in the area to go explore instead.

Are your kids always excited to go out exploring outdoors?

Haha-not always! Some days the kids need a little more motivation than others and some days they’re begging us by the door to go find something outside to do. We try and gauge what kind of adventure we do based on their requests and cues (for our sanity as much as, if not more than theirs) to make sure that everyone has a great time creating memories in nature!

How do you do your Jellybean Ratings?

We take a lot into consideration when we rate a trail. We have a system so that all the trail ratings are consistent. Check out a full explanation of our trail rating system by clicking here!