Spirit Trail- Harrison Hot Springs BC

Trail: Spirit trail

Distance: 1km

Location: Harrison Hot Springs

Distance from Vancouver:  1hr 39min

Directions with a link to google map:

Ages of Children hiking: 2,4,7,10

Adults: 2

Stroller friendly: Yes

Dog friendly: Yes, on leash

Bathrooms: Yes (out house)

Time it took to complete: 15 minutes

Jelly Bean Rating: 1/5

Month: June 2018


If your planning on spending  the day in Harrison, then the Spirit Trail is a perfect trail to explore before you head to Harrison Lake. We thought it would take a lot of encouragement for our kids to do a little trail walk before swimming, but turns out they did not want to leave the Spirit Trail- perhaps it was the spiritual connection?

What’s fascinating about the Spirit Trail is the story. A local artist created clay masks for the trees after his encounter walking in the woods with his dog. He believed “the woods were enchanted and that the trees had individual personalities.”

The Spirit Trail is a very easy loop. Some of our kids did this trail in their water shoes, while I walked the trail in my sandals. The sign says 30 minutes, but that’s how long it could take if you become fixated on the enchanted presence.  Its certainly worth it to read the meaning behind the Spirit Trail to your kids, as it will spark some interest in waking the short loop. If the Spirit trail was not full of unique masks, I don’t think our kids would be as motivated to walk the loop.

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia has it all! A beautiful lake, natural hot springs, and incredible hikes like the Spirit Trail!



The Spirit Trail is full of beautiful ferns and fun little places to explore along the side of the trail. Our kids wandered to the side of the trail a lot to get a good look at the masks and found some unique trees to climb over and under.

The Spirit Trail gave our two year olds a taste of freedom and independence. Neither one of them had to go in the hiking pack, as they were able to walk and run most of the loop. Interestingly enough, I think our two year olds could have looped the trail twice before the 4 year olds, as they were too busy being memorized by the Spirit Trail masks.

The Spirit Trail also offers you some beautiful ferns and some information for you and the kids.


We felt so relaxed doing the spirit trail with the kids because they can wander all over without getting lost. The spirit trail is really well marked and stays flat the entire time. This is a great place to stop on your way to Harrison Hot Springs to stretch the legs and learn about the clay masks.


The Spirit Trail gets 1/5 on our Jellybean Rating. It is very easy for kids to be able to do and is very accessible. The masks and ferns throughout the Spirit Trail are exciting checkpoints along the way that keep the kids intrigued and educated. This is a great trail to stop at before you head into Harrison to meet the Sasquatch for ice-cream!


Have fun!