Steelhead falls-Mission, British Columbia

Trail: Steelhead Falls

Distance: 1.8 Km

Location: Mission, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour 15 min

DirectionsClick here for Google Map

Adults: 3

Ages of children: 2, 4

Stroller friendly: Yes

Dog friendly: Yes

Bathrooms: Yes

Jellybean rating: 2/5

Oh, Mission. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful places in this province. It boasts many lakes, trails, and yes, waterfalls!

Steelhead falls is on the same Dewdney Trunk road as Hoover Lake and the Stave Dam Interpretation Trail.  In fact, it’s right in between the two of these trailheads! If you’re driving down Dewdney Trunk road heading towards Hayward Lake you’ll see a dump on the left hand side. Keep driving beyond that and you’ll see a BC Hydro trail sign on the same side. Take a turn into the parking lot and that’s where you’ll find Steelhead Falls.

At the end of the parking lot is where you’ll find the trail and the bathrooms. These are the only ones, so encourage the kids to go to the washroom then.

washrooms at steelhead falls

A short distance in you’ll realize how awesome this trail is. There’s a neat bench that would be perfect for a photo opportunity if your two-year-old didn’t figure out that you were simply trying to take a photo and weren’t sitting down to eat…

bench at steelhead falls

If you keep going you’ll reach a bridge. This was a huge hit with my girls. There’s pretty creek below and something about the whole thing compelled them to stay a bit and just look.

bridge at steelhead falls

There’s a few little hills to climb before you start to make your way to the falls. There is a fork in the trail, but the trail is well-marked and signs will lead you in the right direction.

steelhead falls sign

You’ll make your way down to Steelhead Falls. You can hear the water getting closer and closer-getting my kids to listen to that motivated them to keep going to see the falls.

After a short while you’ll make it to the stairs that will lead you to Steelhead falls.

stairs leading to steelhead falls

When you reach Steelhead Falls you’ll be amazed! It’s beautiful and absolutely serene.

Are you looking for a GREAT waterfall on a kid friendly hike? Steelhead Falls in Mission is beautiful and easy to get to with kids!

There’s an awesome platform here with benches. We brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the scenery and some delicious food:)

As we were heading back we saw this awesome tree where the roots were hugging a boulder.

tree at steelhead falls

Head back the same way you came. Make sure to stop at the bridge again:)

Jellybean Rating summary for Steelhead Falls

This is a GREAT little adventure. There’s an incredible waterfall to see and many things to see along the way. The kids absolutely loved what they saw and loved the variation in the trail. We came here in mid-October when the leaves were changing and falling and it was absolutely perfect. I highly recommend taking your kids here!!

Have fun!