Campbell Valley Park – Langley, British Columbia

Trail: Campbell Valley Park

Distance: 0+ km

Location: Langley, British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 1 hour

Directions: Click here for Google Map

Adults: 1

Ages of Children: 11, 7, 4, 2

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes (on leash)

Bathrooms: Yes

Cell Service: Yes

Jelly Bean Rating: 1/5

Remember Aldergrove Lake Park?

A mere hop, skip, and a jump from there is yet another beautiful Fraser Valley park: Campbell Valley Park!

Campbell Valley Park offers the same diversity in trail system that Aldergrove Lake Park does, as well as an impressive boardwalk that takes on you on a beautiful stroll. I came here a few months ago with my cousin, but didn’t take photos of the boardwalk. When I brought my girls here recently we took a different loop and didn’t get to the boardwalk, but we were impressed nonetheless.

We came on a cold December day after a shopping spree at MEC (thanks for the Christmas gift card, Mom and Dad). I was convinced to buy some nice MSR plastic mugs to use for hot chocolate on the trail.

campbell valley trail

The trail is nice and easy and would be very suitable for a stroller. We started walking the trails and each girl took turns choosing which direction to take at the forks. We didn’t follow any one particular trail, but sort of wandered and explored.

Eventually, we caught up to a nice man who showed the girls how to feed the birds. If you ever want to see your children willingly be as still as statutes give them some bird seed and tell them the birds will eat out of their hands.

Campbell Valley Park in Langley, B.C. has beautiful trails, a fun boardwalk, and is a perfect spot for meandering and exploring with your kids!

We finally found a bench to sit at and have some much deserved hot chocolate (and a tree for the potty training two year old to pee behind discreetly).

hot chocolate at campbell valley park

There’s a lot of signage in the park that will lead you the direction that you need to get to. We knew that we parked off of 16th avenue, so we followed the signs to the parking lot there.

Right at the parking lot there are bathrooms. I took the younger girls to go to the bathroom before the drive home. I assumed the older gals wouldn’t get into trouble, but you know what happens when you assume, right? One got absolutely filthy and the other got stuck in the bike rack**…

campbell valley park langley

**Campbell Valley Park is NOT a place to bring your bikes as they are prohibited in this park. It’s a great place to come for a nice stroll, though!

Jellybean Rating for Campbell Valley Park

I gave Campbell Valley Park a 1/5. You can potentially make it a more strenuous trip, but overall it’s a nice place to meander and explore. The trails are beautiful, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to feed the chickadees or even have a little chipmunk join you for lunch. Campbell Valley park was a hit with my kids (or maybe it was the hot chocolate, who knows…) and they want to go back in the spring and see how the scenery changes!


Have you been? What’d ya think?

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Have fun!